Shea Weber will not play for the Montreal Canadiens next season and the defenseman's NHL career could be over.

Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin said Weber is dealing with multiple injuries.

"I was amazed how he played," Bergevin said Thursday. "He was one of our top-minute defensemen throughout the whole playoffs all the way to the Stanley Cup Final. I personally wasn't aware [of the severity of his injuries], and from what I've gathered from the information, I don't think anybody was really aware of it. I think we're all aware of their pain and what he was going through every day, but to that degree we didn't know. Shea, as you all know, is a man of few words and sharing or complaining about his body is not one thing that he does so I was very surprised.

"He won't be back next season, and probably won't be back for his career."