Seattle's NHL expansion franchise has not ruled out unveiling its highly anticipated name and logo while many of its fans are social distancing and self-quarantined due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The team told ESPN that it is still going through the name and logo trademarking process with the NHL, ensuring that it won't have the same obstacles the Vegas expansion team did in trying to secure exclusivity on "Golden Knights." There was no date determined to reveal the name, logo and colors for the team before the global outbreak, nor was there a public event scheduled for the reveal.

"In theory, coronavirus will not delay our name and will not affect it, but we're in unprecedented times. So I can't say that as soon as the legal process is wrapped up that we'll go with the name," said Katie Townsend, vice president of corporate communications at NHL Seattle. "We're working as hard as we can. We know how badly our fans want it."