The 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs are here!  I know we can't wait to get started!
The Hurricanes are slim betting favorites to hoist the Cup, but I'm going to stick with my October 2023 prediction and stay with the Avalanche to win it all (over the Hurricanes).
But watch out for my sleeper team, the Stars, if they can get by the Golden Knights in the first round.
Opening Round Predictions
Eastern Conference:
Panthers over Lightning in 7 games
Bruins over Maple Leafs in 6 games
Rangers over Capitals in 6 games
Hurricanes over Islanders in 5 games
Western Conference:
Stars over Golden Knights in 7 games
Avalanche over Jets in 6 games
Canucks over Predators in 6 games
Oilers over Kings in 6 games
Enjoy the Playoffs!